API Management

Category: Others
Location: Lisbon
Regime: Hybrid
Experience: Expert
Language: English Portuguese
Service: Consulting

Ref. AO1851

We are looking for an API Management to join a group with a wide range of financial services, from conventional banking services such as accounts and loans, to investment solutions, wealth management and insurance, serving both individual clients and large companies and financial institutions.

If you consider yourself a flexible and proactive person and want to face new professional challenges, send us your application! We look forward to being part of your growth and we will certainly build a successful future together!

Main tasks:

- Ensure API lifecycle according with Organizational Governance Model

- Review API specifications against Organizational Guidelines

- Assess API Security Model

- Facilitate API Lifecycle among different projects

- Industrialize API Lifecycle process

Technical skills:

- 1 year experience minimum in API Governance in a large organization, including industrialization

- 2 year experience minimum in designing APIs using the OAS standard, in defining security requirements for APIs, and in using a leading APIO Management solution

- 5 year experience minimum with APIs

- Standards: OAS V3, OAS V3.1, Json Schema, OAuth2, OIDC, Oauth 2 mTLS (RFC8705), FAPI

- Experience with one leading API Design tools, linters, and Dev Portals

- API Management Platform (WOS2, Apigee, others)

- OpenAPI v3 Specification, WSDL

- Json Schema


- API Design Tools and Linters

Personal skills:

- Process and Results Oriented

– Good communication skills

– Experiência multi-cultural e multi-local

– Ability to work in a team

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